Circuit court – a day of harvesting, foraging, and cooking together

In the spirit of an ecological approach to tourism, we invite our guests to participate in the many fascinating activities that sustain the complex ecosystem of the mill.

Our goal is to allow our guests to dive deeper into the know-how and the livelihoods of the mill and to bring these experiences and learnings back home with them.

During the month of August, we are organizing different workshops and immersive experiences in which we share our knowledge, practices and daily commitments to a sustainable routine.

We also plan to host team-building retreats for small businesses that are looking for an alternative office event off-site. How can the principles of permaculture inform your working environment and the relationships between co-workers?

To participate in our activities, we charge fees to cover materials and organizational expenses, see prices in the workshop’s descriptions.

The language in which the workshops will be led will depend on the group. Languages spoken include English, French, Dutch and Italian.

Due to the Corona pandemic and the risks that we are all subject to, we are planning our summer activities and workshops in accordance with the Corona regulations. We take care to safeguard the health of our participants and hosts, taking all the necessary measures to provide a safe environment. A lot of the activities happen outdoor and with plenty of space for social distancing. More information will be available at the beginning of the season. In these difficult and unstable times, flexibility and adaptability are key elements of our approach.

Charcoal burning – from trees to drawing

Sourdough – bacteria and bread making

Essential oil and soap making – from distillation to saponification