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The Moulin Scalagrand was originally used for the refinery of flour through hydroelectric energy produced through the river.

In the summer of 2017 the adventure of bringing this old water mill back to life has started and a lot has changed since then.

(Documentation of the renovation process here!) 

Today the dream is to adapt the turbines for the production of electricity, in order to become energetically self-sustainable and offer a zero impact holiday destination.

The establishment is 2km outside the village of Villereal, surrounded by many picturesque medieval villages, only 2 hours from the mountains of the Pyrinee, and 10 km from the pilgrimage road of Santiago di Compostella.

Life at the Moulin Scalagrand is both lively and peaceful, many activities are undertaken by the host, in an ever surprising atmosphere.

During autumn and winter, for example, wood is cut and stored to heat the whole house, there are animals to be taken care of, and a big grocery garden to be prepared for cultivation. The orchard and the vegetables garden are based on the principle of permaculture. Chemicals are absolutely forbidden and therefore many creative solutions have to be found to prevent wild animals from eating the plants.

In springtime it is time to plant the vegetables and seeds, install the greenhouse, plant flowers in the garden, clean the watermill and its surrounding.

In summer time (from June to October) the tourist season is open, so the work slows down and time is dedicated to enjoy the company of  voyagers.

About the Host

Frederique Peutz is an enthusiastic dutch lady dreaming big and working hard!

She takes very good care of her guests with a large variety of homemade products, from organic soaps to marmelades. Providing a special accommodation based on the protection of the environment and a healthy retreat for body and mind.

There is always a lot to learn and experience at the Moulin Scalagrand.

Contact your host Frederique, directly:

Mobile Phone or Whatsup +31 638290363

Telephone +33  5 53 71 06 48