Farm-to-fork – a day of harvesting, foraging and intuitive cooking

All year round, our guests are invited to discover and practice the principles of our farm-to-fork food system.
We have devised a half-day workshop during which we guide our guests from collecting vegetables and herbs to creatively cooking and eating together.

We start at midday with an extensive and informative foraging walk in the fields surrounding the mill, learning to recognise savory wild herbs and flowers: moving on to our food forest and vegetable garden, harvesting and learning some principles of permaculture. In the afternoon we dive into the work of processing the harvested ingredients: cleaning, cutting, and learning possible conserving techniques (like making jam when there is an abundance of fruits).

Towards the end of our day, we will make dinner together, devising recipes based on what is at our disposal, finding ways to eliminate waste, and being creative and ingenious with our cooking.
In order to support our local economy, all the ingredients that we can’t produce or gather directly from the land come from neighbouring farmers and producers.
We have conceived of this experience to allow our guests to engage with our lifestyle, and to be working and learning together, fostering a sense of community-based on sharing knowledge and ecological awareness.


  • Upon appointment
  • (7 hours) 75€, including 3-course dinner
  • Free for children under the age of 12 accompanied by one adult
  • The workshop will happen with a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 10 participants
  • For further questions and reservations, we are contactable via e-mail: